CSA Outdoor cabinet

Based on the ES cabinet, the cabinet adopts double wall design. 

Convenient installation
Convenient installation

Based on the ES cabinet, the cabinet adopts double wall design. Basic cabinet, roof, back panel side plate, base, simple and efficient installation, all components can be easily assembled and disassembled, without professional training, it can solve the machine room and cabinet complex time problem. Reduce cost, convenient installation, enjoy better cabinet use experience.

Safe and Reliable
Safe and Reliable

The cabinet adopts welding structure, the cabinet body is strong bearing load, meets the equipment installation demand.

Flexible multi-purpose
Flexible multi-purpose

Cabinet interior can be selected according to customer needs installation board structure installation or customized to 19 inches. To meet the needs of different projects and uses such as communication and industrial control.


1. The  cabinet is based on ES cabinet and adopts double wall design. It consists of basic cabinet, roof, back panel side plate, and base composition;

2. Double wall rear panel, double side panel, nail fixed by inside. Double wall door with three-point locking device 130° chain, closed door from the outside can not see the screw. The side panel covers the cabinet and bottom, eliminating the weakness of entering the cabinet with mandatory measures;

3. The interlayer of the inner and outer side panel (25 mm spacing) for ventilation channels, supporting the internal heat exchange of the cabinet and reducing the impact of sunlight exposure;

4. The  roof is equipped with a shelter with 25 mm high and 75 mm high. The shelter has a complete ventilation slot to ensure gas exchange;

5. The base can be sealed with a whole or three-part seal plate;

6. The cabinet can be used in the 19-inch installation structure, can also be equipped with the installation of backboard, or the root of customer requirements design;

7. Natural air cooling, the top of the cabinet can be installed AC fan, the lower sides of the air hole and with fiber cotton dust cover.

8. IP protection: IP55、EN60529/10.91;

9. It can carry on the structure design according to the customer plan expense;

10. Surface treatment: degreasing, ceramics, cleaning, electrostatic spraying;

11. Material: high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, stainless steel or magnesium-zinc plates.



Customizable size

Width: 600 mm

Depth: 600 / 800 / 900 / 1000 / 1100 / 1200mm

Height: 32U/37U/42U/47U


Material: High quality cold rolled steel plate, stainless steel or magnesium-zinc plate; Main body thickness 1.5 mm, others 1.2~2.0 mm;

Our standard is double-layer design, it can also be customized according to customer requirements for single-layer design, the internal can include OEM design according to customer requirements ;

Warranty :2 years

IP protection: IP55

Colors: RAL 7035( gray)

Top & base color: RAL5012( light blue)

RAL 7035 (light white)