PT-G Series Industrial Control Cabinet

The frame is welded by the double pipe profile and special Angle joint, which is firm and reliable with exquisite appearance;

Aluminium profile framed glass door;

Convenient Installation
Convenient Installation

The framework is welded by double pipe profiles and special corner connectors, which is simple and efficient to install All components can be easily assembled and disassembled without professional training, which can solve the complex and time-consuming problem of data center baying Reduce the cost, easy to install, enjoy better cabinet experience。

Safe and Reliable
Safe and Reliable

The cabinet adopts the welding structure of static load bearing up to more than 1500KGS, the cabinet solid to meet the installation needs of equipment, earthquake resistance passed the domestic seismic test of 8 intensity and 9 intensity.

Flexible Versatile
Flexible Versatile

The inside of the cabinet can be installed according to the customer's requirements of the installation board structure or customized into a 19-inch installation. The front door can choose sheet metal door or glass door; The profile has four mounting surfaces and double layer mechanism, which can realize up to 10% space expansion and meet the needs of different projects and different USES such as data center and industrial control.


1. The frame (patent) is made of double-pipe profiles and Angle connectors, which can be welded or assembled. The overall structure is strong, and the static load is up to 1500KGS; 

2. The steel plate door of the front door is 2.0mm thick and the lower edge of the door is 25mm from the ground. The inner side of the door plate is reinforced with a small round hole with an interval of 25mm, which not only increases the strength of the door plate, but also can be used to install cable harness and electrical components; The way of opening the front door can be flexibly changed into left opening or right opening according to needs; Optional profile glass door; 

3. Full brake gluing equipment processing, plus upper, middle and lower three point lock, to ensure that the cabinet is sealed;

4. The installation board is equipped inside the cabinet for installation and installation of industrial control equipment. The installation board can move forward and backward to adjust the depth based on the distance of 25mm. Angle gauge and other accessories can also be installed inside the cabinet according to customer requirements;

5. There are 25mm mounting holes on four sides of the double-pipe profile, with round holes and square holes to facilitate the internal installation of fixed instruments and equipment; 

6. The top plate, the left and right overall side plate, the back plate and the bottom plate are all fixed with screws, which are easy to disassemble and assemble, and convenient for installation inside the cabinet;

7. The position of the three cover plates at the bottom of the cable inlet hole can be changed and moved freely, which is convenient for cable inlet and cable inlet opening;

8. The base is easy to remove (optional); 

9. Can be customized according to customer requirements of various specifications and sizes, and changes in the opening; 

10. Welding structure complete machine protection IP54; Assembled structure protection IP30; 

11. Surface treatment: degreasing, ceramics, cleaning, electrostatic spraying;

12. Optional: Base.

Standard accessories


Customizable size

Width: 600 / 800 mm    (PT-S can be OEM 1000/1200mm Width)

Depth: 400 / 500 / 600 / 800mm

Height: 1800/2000/2200mm


Material:SPCC High quality cold rolled steel plate,Double pipes profiles,The thickness of the skeleton 1.5mm, Mounting plate thickness2.5mm,Installation plate can be made of hot galvanized sheet or cold coated sheet,other 1.2~1.5mm;


Static loading capacity : 1500KGS

RAL 7044 (grey)
RAL 7035 (light white)