ES Series Industrial Control Cabinet

The cabinet body is welded by the top side plates which have 

been bent many times with solid structure ;

Convenient Installation
Convenient Installation

The cabinet is made of metal welding, which is simple and efficient to install. The components such as door panel and mounting plate can be easily assembled and disassembled without professional training, which can solve the complex and time-consuming problem of the cabinet baying in the data center. .Cost  reducing, convenient installation, will make you better enjoy cabinet user experience.

Safe and reliable
Safe and reliable

The cabinet is welded structure. The cabinet body is solid with large loading capacity and matches the installation requirements of equipment.

Flexible and Versatile
Flexible and Versatile

The interior of the cabinet can be customized to mounting panel or 19 inches according to customer requirements. It can meet the needs of different projects and purposes such as data center and industrial control.


1. The cabinet body is welded by the top side plates which have been bent many times with solid structure ;

2. The front door is steel metal door with thickness of 2.0mm . The lower edge of the door  is 25mm above the ground ;

The inner side of the door panel have  reinforcing ribs  with 25mm interval small round hole ,which can not only increase the strength of  the door panel, but also can be used to install cables and electrical components. The door opening mode of the front door can be flexibly changed into left opening or right opening according to different needs;

3. Fully Automatic gluing equipment processing, together with top, middle  and bottom three-point lock to ensure the cabinet sealing;

4.The cabinet is with mounting panel, which is used to install industrial control equipment.The mounting panel can move forward and backward to  adjust position  on a distance of 25mm .

Mounting profile and other accessories can also be installed inside the cabinet according to customer’s needs;

5. 25mm mounting holes are arranged on the cabinet frame, and round holes and square holes are provided to facilitate the internal installation of fixed instruments and equipment;

6. The position of the three bottom cable entry hole can be changed and moved freely, which is convenient for cable entry and installation;

7. Easy to assemble and disassemble the base(optional accessories);

8. Can be customized according to customer requirements of various specifications and sizes, including hole change;

9. IP degree: IP55;

10. Surface treatment: degreasing, ceramics, cleaning, electrostatic spraying;

11. The size of ES cabinet and PS cabinet can match each other, and the parts and accessories are universal;

12. Optional:Base.

Standard accessories


Customizable size

Width : 600 / 800 /1000/1200mm

Depth : 400 / 500 / 600mm

Height : 1605/1805/2005mm


Material:SPCC cold roll steel,metal bending welding box,the thickness of frame is 1.5mm,the thickness of installation panel is 2.5mm. 

Mounting plate optional

Hot-dip galvanized sheet production or cold sheet spraying, others 1.2~1.5mm; 

RAL 7044 (grey)
RAL 7035 (light white)