Yeefu, your best choice for rack cabinets
More than 30 years of industrial foundation,Just for you offering exquisite rack cabinets
Global Clients
We've been successful with 3,000 global clients
providing cabinet products and solutions
Overseas export
We've been serving over 80 overseas countries and areas
providing products and services.
Type of product
More than 100 different products and solutions
to meet your needs under various conditions
Years of experience
With 30 years of industrial foundation and industry experience,
We have also become our clients’ most trusted cabinet suppliers
Welcome to Yeefu
Yeefu, the subsidiary of Shenzhen Yeefeng Group, with more than 30 years of industrial manufacturing ,has become a professional manufacturer of cabinet products . We are adhering to the advanced manufacturing for customers to provide high-quality, cost-effective cabinet products for the company's business philosophy. We are trusted brand to provide more than 100 kinds of communication and industrial control products, and we have served more than 3000 clients, more than 80 countries and regions
Client value
Client value
Yeefu has two production bases in Shenzhen and Huizhou, leading international advanced manufacturing and production equipment, laser cutting machine, CNC stamping, CNC shearing bending plate processing equipment, large automatic powder injection production line. We applied with Toyota precision production management model and international level quality management system to continuously improve production quality and efficiency. We believe that timely delivery, product quality, high cost performance are the value we give to our client.
Industry experience
Our products are widely used in computer data network, communication network, aerospace, computer, integrated wiring and transmission and distribution, radio and television, receiving system, audio system, automatic control, industrial control system, monitoring system and many other fields. We have a first-class design and R & D team, with super customization ability to meet the needs of different clients in different industries.
Industry experience
About Us
About Yeefung Group
Yeefung Group has three major business areas: three-dimensional parking, logistics robots,cabinet manufacturing and more than 30 years of industrial foundation. Yeefung Group is the world's largest functional stereo parking manufacturer, the national leading logistics robot (AGV) manufacturer, for each client in the group to lay the strongest confidence foundation, and the clients’ satisfaction is the driving force for every employee of our group to work hard.
Our clients
We have successfully served more than 2000 clients from all over the world. Many customers have expressed great satisfaction and trust in our products and have become our long-term partners.